Pain or discomfort will be present for fourteen (14) days, and then usually settles. Throat pain and referred ear ache is often severe around five to seven (5-7) days and usually settles with pain relief prescribed.


The patient should rest after discharge but is not confined to bed. Normal activities may be resumed after fourteen (14) days. Do no swim for two (2) weeks.


Resume your normal diet as soon as possible as this relieves pain and promotes healing.


The patient may breathe through the nose or the mouth. Do not blow the nose for one (1) week. Patient’s breath will probably be unpleasant for some days.


Teeth should be cleaned at least twice a day. Mouth wash solution made up of half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water may be used after each meal.


Report persistent bleeding to your doctor. Ring the rooms in the event of any concerns. Present to an emergency department with ENT-on-call such as the Austin Hospital or Royal Children’s Hospital.


Fourteen (14) days is the average period before returning to school or work.


Healing is usually complete in three (3) weeks. A sloughy yellow membrane will cover the tonsil region for about ten (10) days and then start to return to normal lining.


You will receive a follow up appointment with your treating ENT Surgeon in four (4) weeks if tonsillectomy alone is performed..