The flushing, fizzing action helps to clean the ear canal. Hydrogen peroxide three (3) % solution kills many bacteria, yeasts, fungi etc. A prescription is not required. Regular strength hydrogen peroxide is sold by pharmacists and is usually the correct strength. It may be reduced by 1.5% by adding the same volume of saline solution. Twice daily treatment is usual.


This is most easily done using an ear-dropper. This will flush the hydrogen peroxide into the canal. For the first few times the hydrogen peroxide will cause a hot feeling and possibly slight discomfort. To begin with, the peroxide solution should be immediately tipped out of the ear to minimize any possible pain or burning. Once the ear has become used to the hydrogen peroxide it should be left in the ear for about thirty (30) seconds before it is tipped out and the ear dried with a towel around a finger. The solution should be used at body temperature.


Hydrogen peroxide will destroy antibiotics so there should be a thirty (30) minute delay between hydrogen peroxide use and when eardrops are instilled.