Usually mild and persists only for twenty four – forty eight (24-48) hours. Relieved by Panadol.


This is common after ear operations. It may be referred from the back of the nose (if adenoids removed). This generally settles in one to two (1-2) days. Prolonged ear pain should be reported.


Blood stained or waxy discharge may occur in first three to four (3-4) days, otherwise there should be NO DISCHARGE. If present, report to rooms and antibiotics may be prescribed.


If no tubes, then keep ears dry for seventy two (72) hours after which child may wash normally. May swim after ten (10) days. If tubes inserted, always use blue tac or other ear plugs showering etc. Swimming allowed provided that child uses plugs and a head band to hold them in.


An appointment for a post-operative check should be made six (6) weeks after the operation. A hearing test will usually be arranged afterwards.


Usually extrude after nine (9) months. If earlier, no need for concern, ring and organise earlier appointment. When the tubes come out, occasionally there might be bleeding or irritation of the ear. No cause for concern.


Usually fit for normal activities the next day.