Hospital discharge may be the day of surgery.


Pain is usually mild and persists for one (1) week. Regular paracetamol or Nurofen should relieve the pain.


Ear ache may be referred from the back of the nose. This will settle in one to two (1-2) days.
Prolonged ear pain should be reported to your doctor.


Blood stained or mucous discharge may occur over the first week. If the discharge persists report this to your doctor. Your child may develop an unpleasant odour from the nose. This can be helped with saline washes or mouthwashes.


DO NOT blow the nose – wipe only – for the first week after surgery.


Notify the rooms in the event of persistent or frank bleeding from the nose or throat. Persistent high temperature also warrants attention. Discomfort in the back of the neck should be reported if persistent or severe. Temporary nasal reflux of air, food or fluid isbnormal. Report if this persists after two to three (2-3) weeks.


You will receive a follow up appointment with your treating ENT Surgeon in four (4) weeks.